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Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 11:21 pm
Should there be a listing of events that will be going on over break?

Party Down - December 18th Nov. 24th, 2004 @ 06:04 pm
Here's the deal gang,

Lucas should be home on December 18th and he wants to have a big get together that evening at his house. So I want to know if any of you will be coming. Call me or drop me an e-mail if you're going to be available on the 18th.

Have a good Thanksgiving holiday.

Hi, sorry for not keeping up with this thing. I'm a terrible person. Nov. 11th, 2004 @ 10:09 pm
Hey Guys,
I actually finished a good amount of my homework, so I feel like I should write and say hi. I've been really busy around here, mostly because I've been fencing and playing softball and football. Classes are pretty interesting except for anthropology. Definitely do not take anthropology, it is the most boring class I have ever had to sit through. I get to sit in a room with 400 other sleeping people as the lecture yammers on about something that I can't understand through the cloud of sleep. I've also gotten back into the swing of the procrastination thing, though I have yet to miss any classes. My roommate and I have the same birthday, which we use as an excuse for anything stupid that we do while together. We were having chocolate night tonight in my dorm and I feel so sick from how much of that crap that I ate. I miss all of you guys, and I guess I'll see you over the holidays.

Holidays and Some Such Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 06:54 pm
I know it's a little bit early to be mentioning this but I figure we should get an idea of what's going on for the holidays and the like.

So what are your holiday schedules looking like?

Lucas will be in December 19th to January 2nd for the holidays. 

Will and myself will be around officially from December 19th to January 17th-ish.  I assume that is the same for the CU folks (correct me if I'm wrong) and that Rachel will be gone to Texas for part of (if not most of that). 

Shana said to me that she was going to be back in the country on the 19th.

So feel free to add/update/correct the info here so we can try and get together a couple of times over break.
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Oct. 25th, 2004 @ 09:28 am
Ever wonder what Caltech students do for fun? Here are some pretty representative samples.


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» From Sammi
Sammi's Blog

hey everyone!!!

Yeah, so now I'm in Terre Haute, Indiana on my way to St. Louis, Missouri, then onto October Workshop in Estes Park, Colorado, my home sweet home. Yeah, so far things have been hard but soooooo rewarding.

Yeah, there isn't a day that I regret here so far, although I have gotten really depressed once or twice. Overcoming those fallen natures like perfectionism (especially for me cuz I'm very stubborn and I'm scrubbing out here on STF cuz internally I invest, but externally I'm not to high an average), arrogence, etc. But hey I guess that's why I'm here.

But also I'm having some really amazing experiences here with God. Cuz now I have the time and support to really focus on the me deep down inside (original mind) and grow it and fix the parts that have been hurt or shut down. Also, it feels like I'm finally giving God a chance here. Now I have a brotherhood (sisterhood) of people that just like me, are trying to grow themselves so that they can help save the world and God. Yeah, pretty lofty ideals, but it's something I've always wanted to do and now I can. I love being a free adult (almost ;) ) in that I'm doing this cuz I want to and I'm more independent then I've ever been before. But of course, the more the freedom, the more the responsibility,

So yeah, I'm not brainwashed, but STF is a place to really push you hard and really have you grow on your own. It's true that I'm pretty removed from the world around me, but also it's almost like an incubator where they nurture you and really have you grow because you want to.

Just haveing experiences like one day I decided to not talk at all the entire day to the customers, all I had was a piece of paper saying what I was doing and I made my highest amount yet ($233. not too high, but getting there). I really learned that I need to totally trust on God, invest with my heart and not with my smalltalk, and to understand that fundraising is a totally spiritual thing.

Yeah, not quite sure what else to say, but I'm really growing here alot and usually I'm loving it. I'm pushing my body and really focusing on my mind and heart. I'm taking control of my life.

Hmm, any good stories to say. Well of course I have alot, but then it's always hard to think of them when you're pressed for time. Well...

dang, I'm spaciong out. OH, one day on our first day in Ohio, it POURED. For 8 hours. All day. And we fundraised with suncatchers. It felt like Noah's Ark all over again. And some people were nice, but most of them thought that we were crazy cuz we had plastic bags over our socks to keep our feet dry and I was wearing this poncho, it jsut looked really silly. But from then on it's been dry and almost everyone's been nice. Oh, and at night when we're outside to pray and wash-up and do exercises it's so cold that I wear jsut about all of my clothes. So when I looked in the mirror last night at me and my captain, I jsut started laughing cuz we all looked homeless. Just silly things like that.

Hm,, I'll try to think of a good story for next month's update that kinda shows what I've been up to.

K, well I miss each and everyone of you but this is such an amazing experience, who ever thought that living in a van and funraising for 10 hours a day could be so fun. I didn't. Just goes to show what I know.  :) Pray for me, things only get harder from here!

» (No Subject)
Anyhow, I finally have my contact info:

MSC #697
Krastina Petrova
Pasadena, CA 91126-0697


(720) 933-8796

If you send me something and include your return address, I'll send you something too.

Also, I have my physics recitation 23:00-23:55. Isn't that awesome?!
» (No Subject)
So I finally feel bored enough to share some shit about my life at Tech. My room isn't air-conditioned, so I hang out at one of the lounges most of the time, and started sleeping there a few days ago. It's awesome because this homeless dude got recently arrested for sleeping there too, which apparently isn't that out of the ordinary. There are two big screen TV's and 5 other TV's of varying size, and I usually end up seeing some cool movie almost every night.
Other than that, I have practice everyday from 7-9 and 4-6. Cross country is freaking awesome because we are so bad that I'm actually good. Plus we get paid $10 per day for food and such. I end up spending most of my day running, eating, and sleeping. We are going to Santa Barbara for out meet this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to.
I've met some rather interesting characters too. This guy with holes in his pants 'cause people put him on fire, a guy who wears goggles and walks around with a single rollerblade all the time, a guy who collects SPAM-imitation meat cans, a guy who was making apple pie from scratch... All the crazy things that people have done in the past are pretty insane too, like launching giant fireballs over the courtyard. The cool part is that everyone is smart, and for the most part nice.
I might go shooting on Wednesday, which will be pretty awesome if it works out.
» (No Subject)
Just because I love you, Sharon, you lazy biatch. Btw, seriously contemplating #3.

» (No Subject)
So how is everyone?
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